Let’s be honest

Our existing Direct Relationship provides us with all the platforms to propose and enact changes we desire as a workgroup. We already have a seat at the table when it comes to improving compensation (through IFCAT), work rules (Work Rules Committee & IVC), our work environment (TellInflight, Aircraft Reconfiguration Steering Committee), and more with our SpeakUp survey.

The perception by some Crewmembers that our Direct Relationship is not satisfying our work group’s needs has allowed TWU to exploit unrealistic fears. Some say that “JetBlue doesn’t do enough and that is why we need a union.”

The truth is…

Our current direct relationship programs (IVC, IFCAT, Tell Inflight, Steering Committees and SpeakUp surveys) have delivered substantial results BUT are underutilized by our workgroup.

In 2017, the average participation in the SpeakUp survey ranged from 26% to 51% of Inflight Crewmembers at each base. If the argument is JetBlue does not do enough to support our work group it is simply because certain Crewmembers have not told them what they want. Based on the survey results from JFK alone, 68% of Crewmembers did NOT complete a survey. Roughly 7 out of 10 JFK Crewmembers voices were not heard, but we (as Crewmembers) have to be honest about who’s fault that is – OURS.

Maximizing our IVC

Our IVC teams are elected by us. Anyone can run, and everyone can vote. Some feel “the IVC is not delivering results” they desire, which is directly related to the same lack of participation in the SpeakUp Survey.

Each member position is up for election every 2 years. If we’re not happy with someone’s performance, we can vote for different Crewmembers or run ourselves.

The IVC analyzes the results of the survey and creates an action plan based on Crewmember wants and needs. They won’t create an action plan and fight for things they don’t know are of common interest to us, so how can we expect results?

The perception or promise that the election of a 3rd party to represent our workgroup will deliver better results is an unfounded speculation. Even if a union were to come in and represent our workgroup, they will only fight for what is communicated to them in a survey (in addition to the interests of the union itself). If the same percentage of Crewmembers participate in the union’s survey (as did in SpeakUp ’17), the issues they pursue will only reflect that of a minority. However, 100% of Crewmembers would be paying for that representation (that we enjoy for free today).

A new day is on the horizon

We can be the change we desire simply by encouraging participation. We all were hired for the JetBlue values we embody which includes Passion. It is abundantly clear our entire workgroup has no shortage of it! We need to focus our passion towards utilizing and maximizing our “seat at the table.”

What you can do

First, we implore each Crewmember to VOTE NO on handing over our voice to the TWU.

Second, personally make the following key commitments to keep our direct relationship moving onward, and upward:

Complete your annual SpeakUp Survey & mid-term SpeakUp Surveys

Vote for your IVC member representatives. Get to know your nominees, or run for a position yourself!

Ask questions and share your feedback directly with the IVC and Leadership

Attend business meetings at your local base to ask questions and share feedback

Read your emails & review your manuals regularly to stay up to date on changes

Vote NO on handing over our seat at the table to the TWU

Watch & learn

Watch video testimonials from fellow Crewmembers about how our Direct Relationship is put to work and how the TWU is a threat to our culture.