TWU Elected

The votes have been tallied and the majority of those who voted have elected the Transport Workers Union (TWU) as the 3rd party representative for JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers.

Here are the results of the election reported by the National Mediation Board:

Total Inflight Crewmember Votes Cast
% of 4,733 Total Eligible to Vote
0 %
YES - Transport Workers Union (TWU)
% Voted YES - TWU
YES - Other Organization or Individual
% Voted YES - Other Organization or Individual
NO Representative
% Voted NO Representative

A note from your fellow B6Direct Crewmembers…

As you know, today is the beginning of a new chapter in JetBlue’s history. While we were hoping to preserve the Direct Relationship within Inflight, we respect the voting process and the fact that the majority of our colleagues chose third party representation through the TWU. This decision is final and cannot be undone.

As we move forward from April 17th, we must put aside our differences and come together to end the divisiveness that took center stage during the union vote period.

We need to shift our focus back to delivering the JetBlue Experience to our Customers and each other, celebrating the fact that our individualities are what has made JetBlue a success.

Only together can we ensure that JetBlue continues “Inspiring Humanity”, setting itself apart from the rest and delivering world-class service to new communities here and across the pond.

Thank you for your support and dedication.

Your B6 Direct team