Our goal is to make sure you are equipped with the resources and due diligence to make an informed decision. We invite you to explore the following resources:


Visit keepourculture.com to find more information provided by JetBlue on the advantages of our direct relationship and risks presented by 3rd party representation.

Contract Review

Watch a video series featuring JetBlue's Harry Spencer, VP Compensation, Benefits & Corporate Social Responsibility to take a closer look at this contract and the TWU's claims.


Read through all of the information presented on the TWU website. Take note of what promises or committments they are or are NOT making, where our dues will be allocated, how much it'll cost us, proposed timelines, etc. *note that many of these answers are not listed in writing!

Criminal Activity

TWU leaders have a history of criminal behavior and hundreds of unfair labor practice allegations. You’ve already gotten a taste of it with unfounded rumors and falsehoods floating around the galleys and the Facebook groups. Read a summary of convictions by TWU leaders by The Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS).

TWU in the news

Read some real headlines about the TWU from the past few years and corresponding articles.

Election Process

Get an overview of the election process so you know what comes next. Every vote will count, so make sure you and everyone you know casts their ballot!

IFCAT 2016

Read & review the results of the 2016 IFCAT to get a refresher on the process and the achievements made in compensation & work rules.

Question & Answer

Do you have a question about our direct relationship or union? Ask it and get an answer here! Be informed by getting the facts.

Are you receiving unsolicited phone calls or text messages? If you have not provided your contact information to a union representative you can file a consumer complaint to the FCC

Have you experienced any violation of your rights by union representatives? You should immediately report any violation to Crew Relations